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Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Green Union Jack

The Green Union Jack
Something is wrong here and it is the environment.
Let us turn  the UK  GREEN.
How did this come about?
 "The New Green Union Jack symbolises that change; a change in attitude, a positive new green energy ambition, and a new unity. Britain can come together if we focus on our common cause, it's called climate change."
This campaign is for ZERO Carbon, and that includes PETROL. Why not read the article!
Dale today launched a new website www.dalevince.co.uk where he sets out his manifesto for a future free from carbon; "A new era, beyond carbon, driven by a second industrial revolution, fuelled by sustainable energy and completely carbon free, it's a target as well as an ambition - our idea is a world free of man made carbon by 2050. Welcome to ZERO Carbon."

Dale has a new link http://zerocarbonista.com/2009/07/02/the-green-union-hi-jack/ boycott EDF

I think it makes sense DO YOU?

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