When you search your soul for your DEEPEST desires you may find that you want to be peaceful like a Buddhist, you will want to be a warrior like St. Paul, Kind and compassionate like Mother Theresa. You desire the best of health for your loved ones. Then you will want something to eat...

WILL SOMETHING DIE FOR YOUR LUNCH???? Your deepest desires are VEGAN. Paul McDonald 2EDEN Vegetarian

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Do you know Grace?

all so known as Jean's sister.


Can you love someone who hates you?


some people are naturally close to serving others i think of mothers and others
They serve out of a love for another  and it is their nature to serve even if you,  YOU give them power.


Can you show your love and submission when you are in a position of control or caught in the act of deception?


When you are tired from working long hours, and poor eating habits, will you give up your seat on the bus for another?


When the world mocks you and turns its back on you, will you give the world back the love it dropped?

We can do all these things and more 

through Christ who strengthens us!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Autism - Made in the U S A - Gary Null's Remarkable Documentary

Hi Friends, I think this video is quite convincing.

I know its nearly 2 hours long but lets give it a try,

part of it is the change in response/ reactions from very young children after getting a regular vaccine in America.

The reversal of unusual lifestyle behaviour when the child's diet is changed.

And something else that is not on the tip of my tongue at the moment

Oh yes. the amount of Aluminium and Mercury that is in the body either from fish or medication and what Gary Hull thinks is the effect on the body.

There is so much aluminium from areosols and Mercury naturally goes to the top of the world due to magnetism and that is where the arctic Cod go to spawn and Salmon.

Oh Yeah again what is needed is A BODY BALANCE OF MINERALS so go on a raw food diet not really juicing but liquidising as you want to keep the ruffage roughage. 
The Raw food, no not meat, will naturally give the body what it requires and not overload it with what it does not want.
 I am not opposed to a multivitamin tablet B6 B12 Vitamin C,  D, E, Iron, Zinc, Charcoal. 
There are so many good things that come from the earth, good things like us!!

P.S. (My diet could be alot better i have cravings and addictions for sugar and fat)

but what do you think?

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

oh dear i have not added anything for a little while

My daughter Rhiannon is in Thailand for 5 months then she is in Australia for 1 year.
She is in better contact then when she lived 5 miles away.
She is with Ben her boyfriend and I am pleased they have each other to share this trip .
I will put up photos and etc etc