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Thursday, 25 September 2014

In A Spectrum : Autism and Vaccines

Autism and Vaccines
The argument goes backward and forward.
Consider this....When someone who has a cold sneezes orrible cold germs in a room, some people will get colds and some wont catch a cold.
does this mean that cold germs don't cause someone to catch a cold? NO No No, we know thatcold germs DO spread the common cold.
My mum was seriously allergic to wasp stings and a wasp sting could kill her, does this mean that we all could die from being stung from a wasp? NOOOOOO!
Different things affect different people differently.
Which means that one child of a pair of twins may get an allergic reaction from a vaccine whilst his brother may be unaffected. whilst getting the same vaccine at the same developmental time.
We all know we can find countless women who testify that their child regressed, not just learning but regressed after having vaccines that were lumped together around the 18-24 months age .
The growing child can be allergic to any of the various items in a vaccine not just the "active " ingredients.
When you come across someone who tells you vaccines do no harm, ask them exactly what they know about the vaccines in question and your child! I tell you, you wont get much of an answer.
Ask for facts not just parrot talk.
Mothers you know your children you study them day by day hour by hour, don't let anyone tell you different.
What do you think?


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