When you search your soul for your DEEPEST desires you may find that you want to be peaceful like a Buddhist, you will want to be a warrior like St. Paul, Kind and compassionate like Mother Theresa. You desire the best of health for your loved ones. Then you will want something to eat...

WILL SOMETHING DIE FOR YOUR LUNCH???? Your deepest desires are VEGAN. Paul McDonald 2EDEN Vegetarian

Monday, 2 June 2014

Natty Autism A Painter a Poet a Voice

Good to see a presence over head
you are not alone

Some times in life we need a Stage 

Some times a Pulpit

Some times a listening ear

Some times a Voice

Some times a taster

 Some times a choice

Whether you are a rock or a log 

you need a blog.

find this growing website here

from a growing artist with much to give.

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