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Monday, 2 December 2013

Book Review Diet Intervention and Autism by Marilyn Le Breton on JKP

Book Review Diet Intervention and Autism by Marilyn Le Breton.

Why does one food benefit when another harms.

I read that food with GLUTEN which is from SOME GRAINS (look on the food label to see if you are eating it) Also food with CASEIN DAIREY PRODUCT which is an Animal Milk Protein (may not be on your food label). 
When you eat Gluten or Casein your stomach breaks down the protein in to short chain Amino Acids, if you have a leaky gut/ stomach then the amino acids breaks through the stomach lining by forming PEPTIDES that are in effect toxic to the body and brain. Gluten changes in the stomach into Gluteomorphine and travels in the body and brain and acts like it is morphine which is highly addictive likewise Caseomorphine travels the same paths.
Also heard of monosodium Glutamate MSG, and Aspartame. equally destructive to the body and brain in different ways.
All these food proteins and additives are in the Nations favorite foods, Hamburgers, Milkshakes, Fizzy Drinks etc etc .
You know what to avoid. So avoid it.

Why avoid it????????????????

There is a gigantic possibility that if YOU  can take MSG, Aspartame, Gluten and Casein out of your diet your life will improve through concentration, energy, health even wealth.

If YOU have a diagnosis of Asperger's or Autism or you think you are addicted to these foods and but want a change in lifestyle and want to start being that person that you always wanted to be, YOU know who you is.

Facts and ideas are encouraging; but picture a single parent who is possibly struggling to keep their son or daughter in the family house safe and also theirself safe from harm, you need to be getting the support to change to a Gluten, Casein, MSG, Aspartame free diet and that can be impossible. Trying to change a habit is not easy, how can we make it????????????????????
Also in the book it has loads of recipes which are really good, also do not miss the LINKS in the BACK OF THE BOOK.

check it out and it may change your life.

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  1. What happens if you don't have leaky gut?
    This my question.
    What happens to all the people. Who are not allergic to these things. The answer is nothing. Which is good but maybe unfair. Paul