When you search your soul for your DEEPEST desires you may find that you want to be peaceful like a Buddhist, you will want to be a warrior like St. Paul, Kind and compassionate like Mother Theresa. You desire the best of health for your loved ones. Then you will want something to eat...

WILL SOMETHING DIE FOR YOUR LUNCH???? Your deepest desires are VEGAN. Paul McDonald 2EDEN Vegetarian

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Earthlings at the Ship Croydon

"Earthlings" The Movie for Adults only.

9th September 2012 6pm on wards

The Ship still my favourite Croydon pub

               The Ship is a small pub in the middle of Croydon and a true Croydon landmark, having been virtually unchanged for the better part of nearly a century.

Historically, the earliest brewery records for The Ship date back to 1640! The building, in its basics, is from that date. Here’s something else which is good: it was called The Shippe but has never had any association with the sea or boats. The reason for the name is that shippe was an old colloquial way of writing Sheep. So it was called The Sheep. ........

And of my history It must of been late 1978 after seeing The Dammed in the Greyhound and me a young 20 year old getting beaten up outside Millets opp the ship, Oh how it all adds to the melody of life. Music at the SHIP I remember the smokey nights of Real Beer, Real music,  sawdust and a lively atmosphere. Even the bad times were good,
 But now I choose another way.......

VEGETARIAN / VEGAN FOOD IS GOOD FOR EVERYONE even if you are not eating it, it can Save the planet this dying planet, Save Cruelty, Save suffering as shown in the film EARTHLINGS, promote health, even wealth. Their Lives Your choice.

Your life your Choice.

Check it out on Youtube if you cant see it at the Ship "EARTHLINGS" a hard film to watch.
See you there

if not


its all vegetarian/ Vegan come and try a riotous variety of texture and taste.

come to lunch with me Saturday 15th September 2pm

All Saints church Halls, New Road, HACKBRIDGE CR4 4JL

Tram to Mitcham Junction out of station turn left, walk along carshalton Road past the Goat pub,
carry on into London Road, past Mill Green Est. (still on main road) past corner shop on Seymour Road, Next Road on right is New Road find me in the Halls opp the Big church. No need to bring food as will be provided. No Alcohol permitted.
or catch a 127 bus to New Road
any probs 07900990292 Paul             pa1mcd@yahoo.co.uk

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